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Compassionate Legal Guidance For New York’s Injured And Disabled

At Klee Woolf Goldman & Filpi, LLP, our experienced attorneys focus on solutions for injured workers all over New York State and Social Security Disability applicants in the tri state area.  We pride ourselves on offering timely counsel, creative strategies and personal service in every case we handle. If an on-the-job injury, impairment or legitimate disability has changed your life, and not for the better, our lawyers are here for you.

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Klee Woolf Goldman & Filpi, LLP

Injured In The Workplace? Struggling With A Disability?

Since 2000, we have the accomplished, attentive legal team whose goal is to end your pain by winning the monetary and health care benefits you deserve. You can trust our hardworking attorneys to increase your chances for positive results. Read what our satisfied clients are saying here.

Handling The Full Spectrum Of Occupational Injuries And Illnesses

You may have been struck by a falling object or suffered a fall from great heights, due to a malfunctioning ladder or scaffold. You could have sustained a serious injury while working with heavy machinery. However you were hurt, we supply the aggressive advocacy you need.

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We Listen Closely To Your Legal Issues And Goals — And In 14 Languages

If your work injury or profound disability warrants our immediate attention — if your employer has not been supportive, or your Social Security benefits application has been denied — call or email us. We speak Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian, Korean, Mandarin, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Armenian.