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Social Security Disability Qualification And Representation

Has your application for disability benefits been denied after a serious illness or crippling injury?

If you are desperate for financial assistance due to a heart attack or stroke that took you from the workplace, the Klee Woolf Goldman & Filpi, LLP, Social Security Disability law firm can advocate on your behalf.

An attorney from our New York firm can help you file your Social Security Disability application, explain your chances for eligibility and appeal your claim if you are denied benefits.

With 20 years of experience as crusaders for once-productive people who can no longer help themselves, we know how to obtain doctors’ reports and defend the legitimacy of a client’s disabilities. Also, if your disability resulted from a workplace accident or injury, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Compassionate Legal Guidance For New York’s Disabled

A number of medical conditions may prevent you from earning a livable wage. A long-term disability may qualify you to receive SSD assistance. Qualifying disabilities may include:

  • Neurological disabilities— Tremors from seizure disorders or diseases like Parkinson’s impede small motor functioning required by many jobs.
  • Hemophilia — Excessive medical leave may prohibit earnings.
  • Mental health illnesses — Anxiety and depression can be debilitating.
  • Heart failure — Signaling the need for stress prevention and intensive medical care.
  • Spinal disorders — The injuries often affect coordination or cognitive functioning.

If you believe you qualify for Social Security benefits, consult with a lawyer at one of our firm’s six office locations in and around the greater New York City metro. Whether you were involved in an accident or suffered an injury, or have had to deal with a progressively debilitating medical condition since birth, the firm will work hard to help you obtain the financial compensation you need.

Get More Information From An Experienced Attorney

The attorneys at Klee Woolf Goldman & Filpi, LLP, understand the complexities associated with your claim. They are sensitive to your concerns and dedicated to your success.

Fill out our online form or call 718-229-9002, 516-294-5775, 518-487-4077 today to receive more information about your disability benefits claim.

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